Washing Guide


The Special Liquid Wash For Burqas!

Vurqa Wash is gentle on the burqa fabric, helping retain the rich shine and color even after several washes. It cleans thoroughly, removing dirt and germs, leaving behind a pleasant fragrance. You have a shining personality. Let your burqa shine like you!

Why Vurqa Wash?

Vurqa Wash is the best choice for burqas! It is not ‘too strong’ like detergents which spoil the delicate fabric of the burqa, leaving behind faded patches. Again, it is not ‘too mild’ like shampoos which fail to clean the burqa, leaving behind dirt and germs. Shampoo also leaves behind a strong ‘shampoo smell’. Use only Vurqa wash because your ‘shaan’ is your pehchaan.

Advanced ‘Shine Lock’ Formula

Vurqa Wash is a product of scientific innovation and has an advanced formula which helps retain the shine of fabrics. It is highly effective in removing the dirt particles and stains without causing damage to the burqa material. It ensures that your burqas don’t lose their shine and shade even after many, many washes.

Washing Tips With Vurqa Wash (Hand Wash)

Just one sachet or capful of Vurqa Wash is enough for one burqa. You can wash it in your washing machine or in a bucket. Let the burqa soak in water with Fiefia Vurqa wash for 15 minutes before washing. Gently rub the collar area and bottom edge of the burqa to remove the excess dirt. Please avoid drying Burqa under direct sunlight.

Washing Tips For Washing Machine With Vurqa Wash

  • Place your Burqa in a mesh laundry bag or a pillowcase first
  • Wash dark and light coloured Burqa separately
  • Avoid hot or warm water to wash
  • Use only a sachet or a capful of Vurqa Wash
  • Do not wring washed Burqas – squeeze out the water gently to prevent stretching
  • To dry a silk Burqa, place it flat on a bath towel, roll them up together and wring gently
  • Dry Burqas outdoors (if possible) but shaded from direct sunlight to prevent its colour from fading
  • Lay Burqas flat on a surface to dry – instead of hanging them on poles or hangers – to retain their shape
  • Set the iron temperature to as low as possible and press on the reverse side. Silk Burqas should be ironed while they are still damp