Research & Development


The success of a quality product depends on the Research & Development that goes into manufacturing it. When the Vurqa Wash liquid was conceptualized, a special Product Development Team was formed comprising industry experts, scientists, and financial advisors. That is the reason why Fiefia was able to come up with this effective yet affordable solution.

Vurqa Wash has an Advanced Shine Lock Formula™ which enables to maintain the shine of the burqa. The R&D department has come up with two variants: gold and diamond sparkle which leave behind a beautiful shine.

The solution while cleaning the burqa effectively by removing the dirt and stains also leaves behind a mild pleasant fragrance. Hundreds of fragrances were tested and analyzed by our experts before arriving at the perfect one. The Product Development Team has ensured that only the very best goes into Vurqa Wash.

Team Vurqa Wash has done an extensive survey and product trials prior to the product launch to ensure that the product maintains its high quality standards.