About Us


Masarath Khatoon and Mahanoor Khatoon, two sisters, hail from the prestigious Fiefia Group family of Hyderabd. Vurqa Wash is a product of their deep insight and the zeal to turn that insight into a real life innovation. While Masarath holds a Masters degree in IT from Australia, Mahanoor is a gold medalist in MS.

The traditional burqa fading after a few washes has been a common problem for years yet no special liquid wash is available. Again, many women have to compromise with shampoo or soap. It is the recognizing of very need for a special burqa washing solution that was the genius of the Khatoon sisters. They were sensitive enough to notice that a faded burqa causes a lower self-esteem in many whereas the fading could have been prevented if there was a quality product. Thus, they dedicated themselves to find the SOLUTION. Taking their Big Idea forward was an even bigger task. But they were determined to succeed. It was a mission to help millions of women and there was no looking backward.

They began by doing a ground check themselves and discussing the market dynamics and trends. That is when they decided to develop a special team to bring alive their dream. They sourced R&D personnel, product development experts, legal and financial advisors, and experienced FMCG Marketing Managers who together would develop this unique product.

After extensive Market Research and technical R&D they were successful in coming up with a unique burqa wash solution. They made a 100% halal formula by fulfilling relevant quality standards that specifically addressed the issues of color fading, dirt and stains accumulation, white patches, and very importantly – discomfort to hands after washing. 90% of the work was done.

Thereafter, all brains were put together into making the product even more special. Masarath and Mahanoor had noticed that a shining burqa is worn with great pride. That is when an idea came to them that what if a special ingredient in the solution could retain and add to the shine. The team was able to come up with the registered Advanced Shine Lock Formula™! Thereafter, they along with the team analyzed hundreds of fragrances from which they chose the very pleasant and elegant ones. Thus Burqa Wash was created!

When turning idea into reality, Masarath and Mahanoor have faced multiple challenges and hurdles. At that point of time, their mother had been a great source of encouragement and hope. They says: “Our mother have always instilled confidence in us and shaped our thought process to be rich contributors to the Nation and the world; and to make sure that others never face the difficulties that we have faced ourselves.” The most important objective has been to make users feel proud of wearing the burqa. Thereby, the promotional tagline: “Shaan and Shine Barqaraar!” Yes, Vurqa Wash is much more than a product, it means power, prestige, and pride for women!!